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About Jamie

I was born ready to work with children!

My little sister and her friends were my very first students. As I got older, every job I found was in the education world. I began tutoring in high school, got my degree in Elementary Education, and then my master’s as a Reading Specialist. I taught for 10 years at a private school in DC, while tutoring in the afternoons, and loved every minute! During my time teaching, I realized that the key to success is to fall in love with each and every student. I learned that every child is unique and has something special to bring to the table. As confidence grew amongst my students, their abilities to meet academic goals became easier. I loved culminating a well run classroom full of independent thinkers. When I got pregnant with my first baby in 2014, I was ready for something new. In hopes to be able to stay home with my baby and have a more flexible schedule, JK tutoring was born. When I had my second baby and wanted to give myself a maternity leave, JK Tutoring GROUP was born. Now I am expecting baby boy #3 and I have an incredible team of educators working with me.

About our Tutors

With JK tutoring group, your child will be connected with a tutor that is the best fit for their learning needs. Sessions are hands on, goal driven, and FUN!

Tutors are:

  • Highly skilled and experienced educators
  • Teachers at some of the best schools on the hill
  • Beloved retired teachers
  • Ex-teachers who are now moms trying to have it all 🙂
  • Trained in Orton Gillingham, Wilson Reading, Eureka Math Curriculum and Responsive Classroom
  • Tutors for grades K-12 in Reading, Writing, Math, Executive Functioning

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